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Founder and chief 3D Artist

Rami Emad

Rami has been in the field for more than 12 years, always keeping himself updated with the latest hardware and software developments related to 3D and animation. He worked for international consultancies such as Atkins and RMJM. Rami also has a passion for training budding 3D artists who wish to take their craft and skills to an international standard.

Co-founder of Realite Productions

Reem Younis

The co-founder of Realite Productions is a professional video editor with more than 12 years of experience. Specializing in media studies and having worked for Dubai TV, Reem has an immense passionate for every aspect of film production.

DOP Corporate / Food photographer

Bassi Hamid

An MBA graduate who decided to make a life out of her passion for photography. Bassi is a professional events, lifestyle and food photographer with more than 7 years of experience, and she is Realite’s main corporate and food photographer.

Art director & Real estate / interior photographer

Amr Tahtawi

Amr Tahtawi is a globally ranked graphic designer and art director, fine art outdoors photographer, digital image developing enthusiast, seasoned traveller and a photography educator. Acknowledged through worldwide publications for his unique photographic style, Amr is Realite’s main real estate/interior photographer and art direcor.

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